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Lesson 1: Enter The Classroom

Study Guide / Outline

Section 1: Introduction

  • Description: The speaker introduces the concept of the Holy Spirit’s role in believers’ lives and the importance of seeking His guidance.
  • Main Points:
    • The Holy Spirit plays a vital role in the lives of believers.
    • Seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance is crucial for spiritual growth.

Section 2: The Holy Spirit’s Role

  • Description: This section explores the primary role of the Holy Spirit and how His guidance can lead to victory in life.
  • Main Points:
    • The Holy Spirit’s primary role is to teach and guide believers.
    • Small adjustments prompted by the Holy Spirit can result in significant victories.

Section 3: Being Ready and Willing

  • Description: The speaker emphasizes the importance of readiness and willingness to receive the Holy Spirit’s teaching.
  • Main Points:
    • Believers should be open and ready to receive the Holy Spirit’s guidance.
    • Consistency in seeking the Holy Spirit’s teaching is key to transformation.

Section 4: Obedience and Spiritual Growth

  • Description: This section discusses the role of obedience in strengthening one’s ability to hear
  • Scripture: Mentioned Moses’ obedience in Exodus 3:1-6.
    • Obedience to God’s instructions strengthens one’s ability to hear His voice.
    • Obedience leads to a stronger connection with the Holy Spirit.

Section 5: Praying for the Holy Spirit’s Guidance

  • Description: The speaker encourages believers to pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and readiness to obey.
  • Main Points:
    • Praying for the Holy Spirit’s guidance is essential for transformation.
    • Believers should express their willingness to obey God’s instructions.

Section 6: The Process of Transformation

  • Description: This section highlights that transformation can occur gradually and may not always be immediately noticeable.
  • Main Points:
    • Transformation often happens gradually, and believers may not recognize it immediately.
    • The Holy Spirit works behind the scenes, removing chains and guiding believers toward freedom.

Section 7: The Power of God’s Word

  • Description: The speaker emphasizes the transformative power of God’s Word and how it can come alive through the Holy Spirit.
  • Main Points:
    • God’s Word has the power to change lives.
    • The Holy Spirit can make God’s Word come alive and relevant to individual circumstances.

Section 8: Conclusion and Prayer

  • Description: The speaker concludes by urging believers to pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and commit to obedience.
  • Main Points:
    • Believers should commit themselves to the teaching of the Holy Spirit.
    • The prayer to the Holy Spirit includes readiness, willingness, and obedience.