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Lesson 3: Take A Step

Study Guide / Outline


  • Main Point: The text emphasizes the importance of understanding and embracing God’s unconditional love and acceptance.
  • Scripture Reference: Psalm 112:7-9

Section 1: The Boldness of Acceptance

  • Main Point: Boldness comes from accepting God’s love and knowing that He will take care of His children.
  • Scripture Reference: Psalm 112:7-9
  • Key Points:
    • The righteous do not fear bad news or dread what may happen because they trust in God’s care.
    • Acceptance of God’s love brings boldness in the face of challenges.
    • Human acceptance is conditional, but God’s acceptance is unwavering.

Section 2: God’s Love Empowers Faithfulness

  • Main Point: God’s love empowers believers to be faithful and obedient to Him.
  • Key Points:
    • God’s love is the driving force behind faithfulness and obedience.
    • Faithfulness and obedience are not prerequisites for God’s love but outcomes of it.
    • Understanding God’s love is crucial for taking steps of faith and obedience.

Section 3: God’s Infatuation with His Children

  • Main Point: God loves His children unconditionally and is infatuated with them.
  • Key Points:
    • God’s love is beyond human comprehension; He is infatuated with His creation.
    • The Bible is the story of God relentlessly pursuing His creation out of love.
    • God’s love empowers His children to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Section 4: Taking the Road Less Traveled

  • Main Point: God often calls His children to take unconventional paths, which require trust in His plan.
  • Key Points:
    • God’s guidance may lead to unexpected and unconventional journeys.
    • Trusting God’s plan even in obscurity is essential for achieving His purpose.
    • God orchestrates events for a greater purpose, even when it seems unclear.

Section 5: God’s Unconditional Love

  • Main Point: God’s love is unconditional and not based on human performance.
  • Key Points:
    • God’s love remains constant despite human mistakes and stumbles.
    • His love is not influenced by our actions; it is based on His nature.
    • Understanding God’s unconditional love fosters confidence and obedience.


  • Main Point: Embracing God’s love and acceptance is the key to overcoming fear and uncertainty.
  • Key Points:
    • No matter what challenges arise, God’s love guarantees a secure journey.
    • God is proud of His children and loves them deeply, regardless of their shortcomings.
    • Trusting in God’s love empowers believers to walk in faith and obedience.

Final Thoughts

  • Encourage further exploration of Psalm 112:7-9 and other related passages that emphasize God’s love, such as Romans 8:38-39 and 1 John 4:16-19.
  • Reflect on personal experiences and challenges where embracing God’s love and acceptance made a difference in one’s faith journey.