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Lesson 4: Declaring the Prophetic Promise

Study Guide / Outline


  • Main Point: The sermon introduces the topic of using words effectively for God’s work, emphasizing the power and necessity of speaking in alignment with God’s will.
  • Scripture: None mentioned.

Section 1: The Power of Speaking Life

  • Main Point: This section highlights the importance of using our words to speak life, aligning with God’s creative power. The speaker emphasizes that God uses our spoken words to enact His will on Earth.
  • Scripture: Psalms 118:17 – The significance of declaring the works of the Lord to affirm life over death.

Section 2: The Role of Believers as Prophets

  • Main Point: The speaker discusses the concept of all believers acting as prophets, declaring God’s truth and will. This section focuses on the responsibility of believers to use their words to reflect God’s intentions and not just react to cultural influences.
  • Scripture: Numbers 24-29 – The story of Moses and the 70 elders, emphasizing Moses’ desire for all people to be prophets.

Section 3: Understanding and Utilizing the Anointing

  • Main Point: This section delves into the concept of anointing, clarifying that every believer is anointed in Christ. It encourages believers to recognize and use their anointed status to speak and act in ways that align with God’s purposes.
  • Scripture: Joel 2:28 – The prophecy of God pouring out His spirit on all flesh.

Section 4: The Authority of Believers’ Words

  • Main Point: The sermon underscores the authority given to believers’ words. It explains how speaking in faith activates the Holy Spirit to manifest God’s promises and purposes in the physical realm.
  • Scripture: Hebrews 3:1 – Jesus as the high priest of our confession.

Section 5: Speaking Faith and Victory

  • Main Point: Emphasizes the importance of speaking words of faith and victory, aligning our declarations with God’s finished works rather than our current circumstances or feelings.
  • Scripture: None mentioned.

Conclusion: The Call to Action for Believers

  • Main Point: The conclusion calls believers to actively use their words to declare God’s truth, emphasizing the significance of this season and the role of believers as God’s mouthpieces on Earth.
  • Scripture: None mentioned.