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Lesson 8: The Lord’s Prayer Part 2

Study Guide / Outline

1. Introduction to Prayer and Co-laboring with God

  • Main Points:
    • Emphasizes the importance of human participation in God’s work on Earth.
    • Highlights prayer as a tool for co-laboring with God to bring His kingdom and will to Earth.

2. The Nature of God’s Forgiveness Under the New Covenant

  • Main Points:
    • Discusses the shift from Old Testament to New Testament principles regarding forgiveness.
    • Clarifies that under the New Testament, forgiveness is based on Christ’s sacrifice, not our ability to forgive.

3. Dealing with Unforgiveness and the Power of Prayer

  • Main Points:
    • Stresses the importance of forgiving others and the transformative power it brings.
    • Encourages praying for those who wrong us, aligning with God’s heart towards them.

4. Understanding Temptation from a Christian Perspective

  • Main Points:
    • Defines temptation as the lure to step outside God’s plan to achieve His promises.
    • Reinforces the need for divine guidance to stay within God’s plan and promises.

5. The Role of Divine Leadership and Guidance

  • Scripture Reference: Matthew 6:13
  • Main Points:
    • Focuses on seeking God’s leadership to avoid temptation.
    • Highlights the completed work of deliverance through Christ, shifting the focus from pleading for deliverance to seeking God’s guidance.

6. The Kingdom, Power, and Glory in Prayer

  • Main Points:
    • Underlines the importance of recognizing God’s sovereignty, might, and majesty in prayer.
    • Connects powerful prayers with the acknowledgment of God’s reign, power, and the glory due to Him.

7. The Importance of Forgiveness and Reconciliation

  • Scripture Reference: 2 Corinthians 5:19
  • Main Points:
    • Encourages addressing unforgiveness in prayer, aligning with God’s heart for reconciliation.
    • Urges believers to use social media and other platforms responsibly, promoting unity rather than division.

8. Conclusion: Embracing God’s Daily Bread and Leadership

  • Scripture Reference: Matthew 6:12
  • Main Points:
    • Emphasizes the necessity of daily receiving God’s Word and guidance.
    • Encourages believers to be open to God’s leadership and direction, recognizing His completed work in our lives.