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Lesson 4: Prayer That Works

Study Guide / Outline

Section 1: Introduction to the Power of Prayer

  • Summary: The speaker emphasizes the importance of prayer in a believer’s life, mentioning that prayer is not just about asking for things, but a powerful tool to release God’s power on earth.
  • Main Points:
    1. Prayer is essential for tapping into God’s power.
    2. The speaker recalls teaching about prayer’s power but acknowledges a general lack of recognition of its importance.

Section 2: Understanding Prayer as a Conversation

  • Summary: Prayer is depicted as a two-way conversation with God, not just a monologue. Emphasis is placed on listening to God’s response.
  • Main Points:
    1. Prayer involves speaking to God and allowing God to speak back.
    2. True prayer is about aligning with God’s will and letting His heart guide our prayers.

Section 3: The Concept of Righteousness in Prayer

  • Summary: The speaker discusses the concept of righteousness and its relation to effective prayer. The righteousness of believers comes from God, impacting our confidence in prayer.
  • Main Points:
    1. Righteousness is a gift from God and crucial for effective prayer.
    2. Understanding one’s righteousness leads to a bold, confident approach in prayer.

Section 4: The Role of Faith in Prayer

  • Summary: The speaker highlights the necessity of faith in prayer. Believers must believe and not doubt when they pray.
  • Main Points:
    1. Prayer must be accompanied by faith to be effective.
    2. Faith begins where God’s will is known, and understanding His will is key to praying with faith.

Section 5: The Authority of the Believer in Prayer

  • Summary: The speaker talks about the authority given to believers to speak to their problems (mountains) and command them to align with God’s will.
  • Main Points:
    1. Believers have authority to speak to their problems and command change.
    2. Speaking to problems is an act of faith and an exercise of the authority given by God.

Section 6: Conclusion and Application

  • Summary: The speaker encourages the congregation to actively apply these principles in their prayer life, emphasizing the importance of speaking faith-filled words.
  • Main Points:
    1. The congregation is encouraged to declare God’s promises over their lives.
    2. Faith must be verbalized; what believers speak in faith aligns with God’s promises.