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Lesson 1: New Covenant Prayer

Study Guide / Outline


  • Main Point: The importance of prayer in the Christian life, emphasized through the disciples’ request to Jesus in Luke 11.

The Disciples’ Request for Prayer

  • Scripture: Luke 11
  • Summary: Disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray, recognizing the power and impact of Jesus’s private prayers.

The Power of Prayer

  • Main Points:
    • Prayer is a key source of power in the life of Jesus, and thus, for believers.
    • Prayer is not simply asking for things; it’s about tapping into divine power.

Matthew 21: House of Prayer

  • Scripture: Matthew 21:13
  • Summary: The emphasis on the church being a house of prayer, where believers gather not just for petitions but to unleash heavenly power on Earth.

The Role of the Church in Prayer

  • Scripture: Matthew 16:15-19
  • Main Points:
    • The church’s foundation on the revelation of Jesus, not just Peter.
    • The church’s authority to overcome evil (“gates of hell shall not prevail”).

Authority in Prayer

  • Main Points:
    • Believers have authority on Earth to bind and loose in prayer.
    • Prayer is about releasing what heaven has already ordained.

Sovereignty and Authority in Prayer

  • Main Points:
    • God’s sovereignty does not negate human authority and responsibility in prayer.
    • The concept of God needing human partnership for action on Earth.

Praying with the Right Focus

  • Main Points:
    • Shifting focus in prayer from Earth’s circumstances to Heaven’s reality.
    • Aligning prayers with God’s will and Kingdom principles.

Prayer as Releasing Heaven on Earth

  • Main Points:
    • Prayer is not about changing God’s mind but aligning with His will.
    • The transformative power of prayer in releasing divine intervention.

New Covenant Prayers

  • Main Points:
    • Transition from Old Covenant to New Covenant prayer focus.
    • Praying from a place of victory and authority in Christ.

Praying in Jesus’ Name

  • Main Points:
    • The significance of praying in Jesus’ name as a declaration of faith and authority.
    • Understanding the finished work of Christ as the basis for prayer.

The Effectiveness and Power of Prayer

  • Main Points:
    • Prayer as a powerful tool for change and intervention.
    • Personal testimonies and stories that demonstrate the power of prayer.