Course Summary:The Pastoral Ministry Certification Program is an advanced course designed for individuals aiming to pursue a career in pastoral ministry. This intensive program requires students to first complete a series of prerequisite classes, covering areas such as theology, biblical studies, church history, pastoral care, and homiletics. These foundational courses ensure that students are well-prepared in both theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Here are a list of prerequisite courses in the order we recommend you complete them:

  • Keys To Growing In God
  • Old Testament Survey 1
  • Old Testament Survey 2
  • Old Testament Survey 3
  • Old Testament Survey 4
  • The Holy Spirit – Our Teacher
  • The Sower Sows The Word
  • Keys To The Supernatural
  • Prayer – Releasing Heaven
  • Live By Faith
  • Speak
  • Divine Supply
  • Positioned To Prosper
  • God’s Provision
  • Supernatural Harvest
  • Freedom From The Demonic
  • The Walk That Works
  • Culture Wars
  • Take A Step
  • Worshiper By Design

Upon successful completion of all prerequisite classes, a certification is awarded reflecting the student’s readiness to operate in pastoral responsibilities. This certification is a testament to the student’s dedication, knowledge, and skills in pastoral ministry, preparing them for various roles such as pastor, chaplain, or spiritual leader in diverse settings.

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Course Includes

  • 1 Quiz
  • Course Certificate