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Study Guide / Outline


  • The authorship of the book: Prophet Amos.
  • Amos’ background: A shepherd from Tekoa in the kingdom of Judah.
  • The historical setting: During the reign of Uzziah (king of Judah) and Jeroboam (king of Israel).
  • Timing of the book’s writing: Written more than two years after the prophecies were spoken.
  • Historical context: Assyria’s rise to power and its impact on Israel.

Section 1: Overview of Amos’ Prophecy

  • Purpose of Amos’ prophetic ministry: To address Israel’s departure from true worship.
  • Prevalent sin: Idolatry, wickedness, violence, and social injustice.
  • Superficial religion: Israel’s outward form of religion and false sense of security.
  • Main Message: The warning of God’s judgment and the consequences of sin.
  • Scripture Reference: Joel 3:6 quoted in Amos 1:2.

Section 2: God’s Judgment Against the Nations (Chapters 1-2)

  • Sequence of judgment: Prophetic woes on distant and neighboring nations.
  • Progressive judgment: The judgment draws closer to Israel.
  • Significance: Shows God’s sovereignty over all nations.
  • Scripture References: Various references to nations under judgment.

Section 3: God’s Judgment Against Israel (Chapters 3-6)

  • Israel’s lack of genuine faith.
  • Social injustice and cruelty towards the poor.
  • Greed and dishonesty in commerce.
  • Empty and false worship.
  • God’s displeasure with their offerings and sacrifices.
  • Scripture References: Amos 5:4-5; Amos 5:21-24.

Section 4: Visions of the Coming Judgment (Chapters 7-9)

  • Five visions depicting impending judgments.
  • The progressive severity of judgments.
  • God’s mercy displayed even in judgment.
  • The unchanging standard of God’s judgment (the plumb line).
  • The final vision: Destruction of the temple and the promise of restoration.
  • Scripture References: Amos 7-9; Acts 15:16-18.

Section 5: God’s Promise of Restoration

  • The destruction of the covenant nation does not end God’s kingdom.
  • God’s faithfulness to His promises.
  • The theme of restoration and wholeness.
  • The desire to make His people whole.
  • The importance of turning back to God for restoration.
  • Scripture Reference: Amos 9:11-12.


  • Recap of major themes and messages in the book of Amos.
  • Emphasis on God’s love, mercy, and faithfulness.
  • Encouragement to seek restoration and return to God.