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Study Guide / Outline


  • Section Description: An overview of the wilderness journey in the book of Numbers.
  • Main Points:
    • The wilderness journey as a preparation for God’s promises.
    • Lessons learned during the journey.
  • Scriptures: None mentioned.

Lessons from the Past Generation

  • Section Description: Reflecting on the experiences of the past generation in the wilderness.
  • Main Points:
    • The prior generation witnessed dramatic encounters with God.
    • Their lack of trust in God led to wandering in the wilderness.
    • God often brings opportunities for redemption.
  • Scriptures: References to the ten plagues, Red Sea crossing, and thunderings at Mount Sinai.

Kadesh Barnea: Second Chance

  • Section Description: The return to Kadesh Barnea and the lessons of faith.
  • Main Points:
    • The new generation was organized and trained in the wilderness.
    • God stopped the water at Kadesh Barnea as a test.
    • Like the prior generation, they failed the test due to murmuring.
  • Scriptures: Mention of events in Numbers 20, specifically God stopping the water.

Striking the Rock

  • Section Description: Moses’ disobedience and the consequences.
  • Main Points:
    • Moses struck the rock in anger, disobeying God’s instructions.
    • God’s severe judgment on Moses, preventing him from entering the promised land.
    • Illustration of Jesus as the rock being struck once for our salvation.
  • Scriptures: Reference to God’s command to speak to the rock.

The Bronze Serpent

  • Section Description: The story of the bronze serpent in the wilderness.
  • Main Points:
    • The bronze serpent is a type of Christ.
    • Jesus took upon Himself sin and sickness.
    • Looking to Jesus as the serpent brings healing.
  • Scriptures: Connection to Jesus’ crucifixion and the bronze serpent in Numbers 21.

Confrontation with Powerful Kings

  • Section Description: Defeating kings Sihon and Og and the fear it instilled in other kings.
  • Main Points:
    • Trust in God leads to victory over powerful foes.
    • Other kings feared the Israelites’ success.
  • Scriptures: Mention of the two kings Sihon and Og.

Balaam’s Failed Cursing Attempts

  • Section Description: The story of Balaam being hired to curse Israel.
  • Main Points:
    • Balaam’s attempts to curse Israel were unsuccessful.
    • God cannot be manipulated by men.
  • Scriptures: None mentioned, but the story is from Numbers 22-24.

New Offerings and Preparations

  • Section Description: Preparations before entering the promised land.
  • Main Points:
    • God supplies what He requires His people to give.
    • New offerings added as they move to a land flowing with milk and honey.
  • Scriptures: None mentioned.

Joshua to Lead, Tribes Settle

  • Section Description: The appointment of Joshua as the leader and the tribes’ settlement.
  • Main Points:
    • Moses couldn’t enter Canaan, so Joshua was chosen.
    • Reuben, Gad, and half of Manasseh settled in the land of Sihon and Og.
  • Scriptures: None mentioned.


  • Section Description: Final reflections on God’s preparation for His promises.
  • Main Points:
    • God prepares His people for their promises through discipline.
    • The importance of being hidden in the cross.
  • Scriptures: None mentioned.