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Genesis Part 3

Study Guide / Outline


  • Overview: Focus on Chapter 2 of Genesis, retelling of creation, emphasizing humanity and the Garden of Eden.
  • Key Point: Importance of human relationship with the divine.

Theories of Creation

  • Literal Six-Day Creation
    • Description: God created the world in six literal 24-hour days with an appearance of age.
    • Key Point: God’s capability to create a mature world.
  • Gap Theory
    • Description: A temporal gap between Genesis 1 and 2, involving a pre-Adamic flood.
    • Key Point: Explanation for the void and formless state of Earth before Adam.
  • Theistic Evolution
    • Description: Harmonizing evolutionary science with Biblical narrative.
    • Key Point: Genesis as mythological or poetic, evolution as God’s tool for creation.
  • Framework Theory
    • Description: Genesis 1 as a poetic, literary structure.
    • Key Point: Structured creation story, space creation (days 1-3) and filling of space (days 4-6).
  • Day-Age Theory
    • Description: Each ‘day’ in Genesis represents a long period (thousands of years).
    • Key Point: Reconciliation of the creation timeline with scientific understanding.

The Fall of Man: Genesis Chapter 3

  • Pre-Fall Conditions
    • Description: Man’s life with God, intelligence, dominion, and fellowship.
    • Scriptures: Genesis 1, 2
    • Key Point: Ideal living conditions and direct relationship with God.
  • The Fall and Its Consequences
    • Description: Disobedience of Adam and Eve, resulting in spiritual and physical death.
    • Scriptures: Genesis 3
    • Key Point: Introduction of sin, decay, and the need for redemption.

Satan’s Role and Strategies

  • Description: Satan’s deception and his goals to undermine God’s creation.
  • Key Point: Understanding the devil’s tactics and the importance of divine authority.

Redemption and God’s Plan

  • Proto-Evangelism
    • Description: Early promise of redemption and the coming of Jesus.
    • Scriptures: Genesis 3:15
    • Key Point: Introduction of the concept of a savior and God’s plan for redemption.

Sin’s Pervasiveness Post-Fall

  • Effects of Sin
    • Description: Sin’s spread through humanity, leading to widespread corruption.
    • Key Point: The inherited sinful nature and its consequences.

The Flood and the Noahic Covenant

  • Description: The flood as divine intervention, Noah’s preservation, and God’s covenant.
  • Scriptures: Genesis 6-9
  • Key Point: God’s justice and the promise to preserve humanity.

The Tower of Babel

  • Description: Human disobedience leading to the scattering of peoples and languages.
  • Scriptures: Genesis 11
  • Key Point: God’s intervention to ensure diversity and fulfill His plan.

Conclusion and Prayer

  • Summary: Reflection on the lessons from Genesis chapters 2 and 3.
  • Prayer: For understanding and application of these teachings.