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Lesson 1: Faith Is Your Substance

Study Guide / Outline

Introduction: The Necessity of Faith

  • Summary: The introduction sets the tone for the sermon by emphasizing the importance of living by faith in 2022, to experience all that God has planned.
  • Main Points:
    • Faith is essential to experience God’s full plan.
    • Living by faith requires stepping into the unknown.
    • Faith is a departure from previous ways of living to achieve different results.
  • Scripture: Hebrews 10:38 – “The just shall live by faith.”

Faith as a Divine Empowerment

  • Summary: Explores the concept of faith as more than just belief; it is a divine empowerment from God.
  • Main Points:
    • Faith is not mere belief but is empowered by God.
    • Everyone is given a measure of faith by God.
  • Scripture: Ephesians 2:8 – Faith as a gift from God; Romans 12:3 – God has dealt a measure of faith to every man.

The Role of Hope in Faith

  • Summary: Discusses hope as a critical ingredient of faith, emphasizing the power of expectation and imagination.
  • Main Points:
    • Hope is about having a confident expectation.
    • Hope shapes our imagination towards God’s plan.
    • Spending time with God aligns our desires with His.
  • Scripture: Psalms 37:4 – “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Understanding the Substance of Faith

  • Summary: Delves into the nature of faith as the ‘substance of things hoped for’ and ‘evidence of things not seen.’
  • Main Points:
    • Faith as the title deed, or proof of ownership, of God’s promises.
    • Faith exists in the present (‘now faith’) and transcends time.
  • Scripture: Hebrews 11:1 – Defining faith as substance and evidence.

Faith Versus Time

  • Summary: Discusses the eternal nature of God’s work and how faith operates beyond the limitations of time.
  • Main Points:
    • God operates outside of time, in eternity.
    • Faith reaches beyond the present, affecting both past and future.

Faith in Action

  • Summary: Encourages the application of faith in practical life, urging believers to trust God in all areas.
  • Main Points:
    • Faith leads to living differently and confidently.
    • Faith enables believers to walk in God’s promises.

Conclusion: A Call to Faith in 2022

  • Summary: Concludes the sermon with a call to action for living by faith in the new year.
  • Main Points:
    • Encouragement to live big by recognizing the greatness of God within.
    • Living by faith is essential for realizing God’s plans for our lives.
  • Closing Prayer: A prayer for awakening to faith and the realization of God’s plan for each individual.

Personal Reflection/Application:

  • Summary: This section is for personal contemplation on how to apply the principles of faith in one’s life.
  • Main Points:
    • Reflect on what living by faith means personally.
    • Consider areas of life where faith can be more actively applied.
    • Commit to trusting God’s plan and stepping out in faith.