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8 – In Pursuit Of Jesus

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  • Context: The sermon series, “Keys to the Supernatural Life,” based on Matthew 14, focuses on living a life beyond the ordinary, inspired by Peter’s experience of walking on water.
  • Main Point: Encourages believers to live a supernatural life as God has intended, emphasizing the importance of faith and the right motivations.

The Concept of Supernatural Living

  • Scripture Reference: Matthew 14:22-33.
  • Main Points:
    • Supernatural living is not just about performing miracles but about aligning with God’s will and purpose.
    • Living supernaturally involves stepping out of one’s comfort zone, as exemplified by Peter walking on water.
    • The importance of faith in God’s word and promises.

Motivation for Supernatural Living

  • Main Points:
    • True motivation for living a supernatural life should be love and a desire to be closer to God, not personal gain or recognition.
    • The sermon highlights that supernatural acts, like miracles, should be a byproduct of one’s relationship with God, not the primary goal.
    • Emphasizes the importance of pursuing God’s presence over personal ambition.

Practical Steps to Supernatural Living

  • Main Points:
    • Encourages taking steps of faith, even when they seem intimidating or uncertain.
    • Stresses the significance of small steps and gradual progress in one’s spiritual journey.
    • Urges believers to seek deeper relationships with God as the foundation for a supernatural life.

The Role of Worship and God’s Presence

  • Main Points:
    • Worship and seeking God’s presence are crucial for supernatural living.
    • The sermon encourages a focus on God’s love and being in His presence, rather than seeking tangible blessings or outcomes.
    • Highlights the transformative power of worship in aligning believers with God’s supernatural plan.


  • Summary: The sermon series concludes by reiterating the importance of faith, the right motivation (love and pursuit of God), and the power of worship in living a supernatural life.
  • Call to Action: Invites the congregation to commit to seeking God above all else and to cultivate a life of worship and faith.