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5 – God Is With You

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Introduction: The Context of Matthew 14

  • Description: The sermon opens with a focus on Matthew 14, particularly the story of Jesus walking on water and calling Peter out of the boat during a storm.
  • Main Points:
    • Emphasis on the supernatural aspect of God’s nature.
    • The unpredictability of God’s timing.
  • Scripture: Matthew 14:22-25

The Concept of God’s Timing

  • Description: Explores the idea that God often acts in what humans perceive as the ‘last moment’ or ‘fourth watch of the night.’
  • Main Points:
    • God’s actions don’t align with human expectations of timing.
    • The darkest moments often precede God’s intervention.
  • Scripture: No specific verse mentioned, but refers to the general narrative of Matthew 14.

The Pursuit of God and Our Response

  • Description: Discusses how God is always present and pursues humans, but it’s our responsibility to respond and recognize His presence.
  • Main Points:
    • God is omnipresent and continually seeking a relationship with us.
    • We often miss recognizing God’s presence in our lives.
  • Scripture: Psalms 139:5-8 (God’s omnipresence)

The Protection and Guidance of God

  • Description: Highlights how God’s presence offers protection and guidance, drawing parallels with the Israelites in the desert.
  • Main Points:
    • Obedience to God leads to His protection and guidance.
    • God’s guidance is both visible (like the Israelites’ cloud and fire) and unseen.
  • Scripture: Psalms 139:5; Exodus 14 (Cloud and Fire with Israelites)

The Reality of God’s Constant Presence

  • Description: Reiterates that God is always with us, even in the darkest or most challenging times.
  • Main Points:
    • Believers are never alone; God is always present.
    • God’s presence is not dependent on our feelings or perceptions.
  • Scripture: Deuteronomy 31:6 (God will never leave or forsake)

The Supernatural Life Beyond Church Walls

  • Description: Encourages believers to recognize that God’s supernatural power is not limited to church settings but extends into everyday life.
  • Main Points:
    • God is active and present in mundane, everyday situations.
    • Believers are called to be aware and responsive to God’s presence in all circumstances.
  • Scripture: No specific scripture mentioned.

Trusting in God’s Plan and Presence

  • Description: Focuses on trusting God’s plan, especially during long waiting periods or seasons of preparation.
  • Main Points:
    • Long periods of waiting or challenges have a purpose in God’s plan.
    • Patience and trust in God are crucial during these times.
  • Scripture: No specific scripture mentioned.

Conclusion: Affirmation of God’s Ever-Presence

  • Description: Concludes with a powerful affirmation of God’s constant presence and a call to worship and prayer.
  • Main Points:
    • Acknowledgment of God’s continuous presence in all aspects of life.
    • Encouragement to seek and celebrate God’s presence actively.
  • Scripture: No specific scripture mentioned, but a general call to prayer and worship.