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2 – Prayer That Produces Power

Study Guide

Section 1: Understanding God’s Call into the Supernatural

  • Summary: This section discusses the concept of being called by God into challenging, sometimes uncomfortable situations, as part of walking in the supernatural realm.
  • Main Points:
    • God’s Challenging Call: Emphasizes that following God might lead one into difficult circumstances, contrary to comfort zones.
    • Importance of Trust in God: Highlights the need to trust God’s guidance, even when it leads to seemingly dangerous or uncertain paths.
    • Contrast Between Human Strength and Divine Calling: Stresses that God calls people to tasks beyond their human ability, which can only be achieved through divine intervention.

Section 2: Biblical Illustrations and Personal Faith

  • Summary: This section uses biblical examples, particularly Peter walking on water, to illustrate faith and obedience.
  • Main Points:
    • Learning from Biblical Characters: Draws lessons from biblical figures, showing how their experiences can guide modern faith.
    • Example of Jesus and Peter: Uses the story of Jesus and Peter walking on water to demonstrate faith in action.
    • Jesus as a Role Model: Presents Jesus as an example to follow, emphasizing his reliance on the Holy Spirit rather than his divine nature.
  • Scriptures: Matthew 14 (Peter walking on water).

Section 3: Pursuing God’s Unique Plan for Individuals

  • Summary: Focuses on the importance of following God’s unique plan for each person rather than conforming to societal norms or trends.
  • Main Points:
    • Uniqueness of God’s Plan: Encourages embracing the unique path God has for each individual, distinct from others’ paths or societal expectations.
    • Avoiding Conformity: Warns against the danger of conforming to the trends in the church or society, advocating for a personal, authentic relationship with God.
    • The Journey of Faith: Shares personal stories to illustrate the journey of faith and obedience to God’s unique calling.

Section 4: Patience and Trust in God’s Timing

  • Summary: Discusses the importance of patience and trust in God, especially during waiting periods.
  • Main Points:
    • Patience in God’s Timing: Emphasizes the necessity of patience and trust in God, even when His plans seem delayed.
    • Value of Waiting Seasons: Explains that times of waiting are crucial for spiritual growth and alignment with God’s timing.
    • Faith in God’s Promises: Encourages belief in the fulfillment of God’s promises despite delays or challenging circumstances.

Section 5: Intimacy with God and Personal Victory

  • Summary: Highlights the connection between intimacy with God and personal victory in life.
  • Main Points:
    • Importance of Intimacy with God: Stresses the need for a deep, personal relationship with God as a foundation for a victorious life.
    • Quiet Time with God: Advocates for spending quiet, quality time with God to hear His voice and receive guidance.
    • Impact of Personal Devotion: Links the strength and success in life’s battles to the depth of one’s personal devotion and time spent with God.

Section 6: Embracing God’s Vision and Plan

  • Summary: Focuses on embracing and trusting in the vision and plan God has for individuals.
  • Main Points:
    • Trust in God’s Vision: Urges trust in the unique vision God has for each person.
    • Understanding God’s Timing: Emphasizes understanding and accepting God’s perfect timing for one’s life.
    • Faith in God’s Unfailing Plan: Encourages faith in God’s plan, even when it seems delayed or different from personal expectations.

Section 7: The Role of Faith in Challenging Times

  • Summary: Explores the role of faith during challenging times and the importance of believing in God’s timing and plan.
  • Main Points:
    • Faith in Dark Times: Encourages holding onto faith, especially during life’s darkest and most challenging periods.
    • God’s Perfect Timing: Reiterates the belief in God’s perfect timing, even when it doesn’t align with personal expectations.
    • Steadfastness in Trials: Highlights the importance of remaining steadfast in faith during trials, trusting in God’s ultimate plan and purpose.