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1 – Follow God’s Lead

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  • Main Point: Emphasis on the importance of living a supernatural life, beyond natural world limitations.
  • Key Message: God desires prosperity and peace for His people, transcending the natural to the supernatural.

Living in the Supernatural

  • Main Point: The need to transcend natural limitations and live in a realm influenced by God’s power.
  • Scripture: Matthew 14 (Peter walking on water)
  • Key Message: Faith allows believers to experience God’s blessings beyond natural circumstances.

Facing Challenges with Faith

  • Main Point: Trusting in God’s provision during challenging times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Key Message: Believers should focus on spiritual increase and trust in God’s provision, irrespective of worldly crises.

The Lesson of Psalms 23

  • Main Point: Understanding the shepherd’s guidance through difficult times.
  • Scripture: Psalms 23
  • Key Message: Even in challenging circumstances, God’s guidance and provision remain constant. Trust in God replaces fear and lack.

Embracing God’s Guidance

  • Main Point: Encouragement to step out in faith, even when it seems risky or illogical.
  • Key Message: God’s calling may lead to difficult paths, but these are avenues for demonstrating and strengthening faith.

Personal Testimony: Experiencing God’s Provision

  • Main Point: Sharing personal experiences of God’s miraculous provision during financial hardships.
  • Key Message: Reliance on God brings unexpected blessings and solutions, highlighting the importance of faith over worldly methods.

The Importance of Vision and Obedience

  • Main Point: Staying true to God’s vision, regardless of current circumstances.
  • Key Message: Persistence in faith and obedience to God’s calling leads to fulfillment and blessings.

Conclusion: Call to Action

  • Main Point: Encouraging the congregation to step into the supernatural by trusting and obeying God’s guidance.
  • Key Message: A life of faith involves moving beyond comfort zones, trusting in God’s promises, and embracing the supernatural journey with Him.