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KTG 9 – We Have A Free Will

Study Guide / Outline

I. Introduction to the Soul

  • Description: The soul is a crucial component of our being, encompassing the mind, emotions, and will.
  • Main Points:
    1. Mind: The part where reasoning and thinking occur.
    2. Emotions: How we feel and respond emotionally.
    3. Will: The decision-making part, crucial in determining actions and choices.

II. Free Will

  • Description: Emphasizes the concept of free will given to us by God.
  • Scriptures: Genesis 2:16-17, Proverbs 16:9
  • Main Points:
    1. God’s Command: Indicates freedom to make choices.
    2. Human Responsibility: We are responsible for our actions and decisions.
    3. Divine Guidance: While we plan our way, God directs our steps, emphasizing cooperation with divine guidance.

III. Surrendering Free Will to God

  • Description: Discusses the importance of surrendering our free will back to God.
  • Scripture: Galatians 5:13
  • Main Points:
    1. Freedom’s Purpose: Not for indulging the flesh but serving others in love.
    2. Choice of Service: Choosing to use free will in alignment with God’s intentions.

IV. Limitations of Free Will

  • Description: Explains the limits of free will in terms of divine and diabolical influence.
  • Main Points:
    1. God’s Respect for Free Will: God doesn’t force us to love Him.
    2. Satan’s Limitations: Just as God, Satan also cannot override human free will.
    3. Misconceptions Cleared: Correcting the misunderstanding that Satan can control human actions.

V. Decision-Making and God’s Will

  • Description: Focuses on making decisions aligned with God’s will.
  • Scriptures: Joshua 24:15, Deuteronomy 30:19
  • Main Points:
    1. Choices and Consequences: Emphasizes the impact of our choices on our life’s trajectory.
    2. Direction of Life: Underlines the importance of choosing life and blessings according to God’s will.

VI. The Nature of God’s Will

  • Description: Delves into understanding the characteristics of God’s will.
  • Scripture: Romans 12:1-2
  • Main Points:
    1. **God’s Will as Good, Acceptable,

and Perfect**: Exploring the attributes of God’s will. 2. Misconception of Three Wills: Clarifying that God does not have separate ‘good’, ‘acceptable’, and ‘perfect’ wills. 3. Accepting God’s Will: Encouragement to embrace God’s will knowing it is always beneficial.

VII. The Process of Temptation and the Will

  • Description: Analyzing how temptation affects the soul and ultimately targets the will.
  • Main Points:
    1. Mind’s Role in Temptation: The mind is the initial battleground where seeds of temptation are sown.
    2. Emotional Influence: How emotions, affected by thoughts, can sway decision-making.
    3. Targeting the Will: The ultimate goal of temptation is to influence and control the will.

VIII. The Importance of the Will in Christian Life

  • Description: Discussing the significance of the will in living a life aligned with Christian principles.
  • Main Points:
    1. Will and Decision-Making: Importance of aligning decisions with God’s teachings.
    2. Impact of Surrendering Will: Benefits of surrendering one’s will to God.
    3. Will and Spiritual Growth: Role of the will in spiritual development and growth.

IX. Conclusion: Transforming the Will

  • Description: Concluding thoughts on how to transform the will to align with God’s purpose.
  • Main Points:
    1. Transformation through Obedience: Emphasizing obedience as a key to transforming the will.
    2. Practical Steps: Suggested practices for aligning one’s will with God’s will.
    3. Future Sessions: Indication of further exploration in upcoming sessions.