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Lesson 1: Rejoice In The Lord

Study Guide / Outline


  • Summary: Opens with a personal reflection on studying Philippians, particularly chapter 4, emphasizing the theme of divine supply.
  • Main Point: Introduction to the concept of divine supply as depicted in Philippians Chapter 4.
  • Scripture: Philippians 4:19

Divine Supply

  • Summary: Focuses on God’s promise to supply all needs, suggesting that there are needs we may not be aware of yet that God will meet.
  • Main Point: Emphasis on God’s ability to meet all needs, transcending human understanding.
  • Scripture: Philippians 4:19

Limitation vs Divine Supply

  • Summary: Discusses the contrast between the limitations of earthly supply and the inexhaustible nature of divine supply.
  • Main Point: Encourages reliance on divine supply over earthly resources.
  • Scripture: Not directly mentioned

Rich in Glory

  • Summary: Highlights the concept of God being ‘rich in glory’, implying an abundant, never-ending divine supply.
  • Main Point: God’s limitless glory and supply contrasted with human limitations.
  • Scripture: Not directly mentioned

Examples of Divine Supply

  • Summary: Illustrates divine supply through biblical examples, such as water from a rock and the feeding of the 5000.
  • Main Point: Biblical stories demonstrating God’s capacity to provide miraculously.
  • Scripture: Water from the rock (Exodus 17:6), Feeding of the 5000 (Matthew 14:13-21)

Jehovah Jireh

  • Summary: Introduction to “Jehovah Jireh” (God our provider), using the story of Abraham and Isaac.
  • Main Point: God as a provider in times of need.
  • Scripture: Genesis 22:13-14

Transition and Change

  • Summary: Discusses the importance of transitioning from one mindset to another to tap into divine supply.
  • Main Point: Transitioning from a limited mindset to one that embraces divine supply.
  • Scripture: Not directly mentioned

Expectancy and Thankfulness

  • Summary: Stresses staying thankful and expectant for God’s supply, regardless of current circumstances.
  • Main Point: Maintaining an attitude of gratitude and expectancy is key to receiving divine supply.
  • Scripture: Not directly mentioned

Rejoicing in the Lord

  • Summary: Encourages rejoicing in the Lord in all circumstances as a means to connect with divine supply.
  • Main Point: Rejoicing as an act of faith, aligning with God’s promises.
  • Scripture: Philippians 4:4

Application and Conclusion

  • Summary: Concludes with an exhortation to apply these principles in daily life to experience God’s divine supply.
  • Main Point: Application of rejoicing, thankfulness, and transition to daily life to experience God’s supply.
  • Scripture: Not directly mentioned